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Chad Comeau

Project portfolio

Clare Cuisine +

Project Lead, Designer
  • Community cooking app featuring over a dozen recipes presented by people from Clare, Nova Scotia. Participatory design process to encourage sharing and connections.

  • Includes one experimental dynamic recipe: Cook alongside an interactive podcast running you through the dish and how to prepare it.

  • Available for free on Google Play and Apple App Store. Covered by local and provincial press, radio and television.

Tiny Bookshop

Narrative Designer & Writer
  • Narrative tools: Designing and developing modular narrative tools using Yarn and Unity alongside creative lead and programmer. Testing and refining tools while implementing content in engine.

  • Story content: Developing existing setting and characters, creating new characters, outlining their arcs and writing dialogues alongside co-writer. Maintaining documentation in online wiki and Miro.

  • Marketing copy: Reworking marketing copy and setting up Steam page, helping the game reach over 25 000 wishlists during the six-month prototype development period.

  • Playtesting: While there is no public demo of this prototype, external playtesters wrote:

    • “I enjoyed that the interactions with the characters actually added some value […]
      All characters have a distinct personality.”

    • “Between the locations and the strange yet approachable people you will meet, the game really manages to sell the feeling of being in a friendly small town.”

Berlin Maniacs

Game Designer, Narrative Designer & Writer
  • Researching similar games and the unique setting of 1960s West Berlin. Writing GDD.

  • Paper prototyping to develop compelling gameplay loop seeped in the historical setting and political story the project leads wanted to tell. Outlining gameplay systems and AI flowcharts.

  • Exploring various narrative tools before helping the programmer rework a custom solution.

  • Level design of a small open world using splines and 3D assets.

  • Writing dialogues and barks, imported and implemented in Unreal engine.

  • Rigorous testing of dialogues and mission logic. Creating conditional objectives, adding waypoints and NPCs, using commands to control NPC movement and behaviour to ensure the story, onboarding and gameplay unfold smoothly.
  • Nominated for the Ubisoft Newcomer Award at the 2021 German Developer Awards.

Antura and the Letters

Localization Coordinator & Game Designer
  • Winner of the Special Award for Social Commitment at the 2022 German Developer Awards.

  • Organizing the translation and implementation of six new languages for the Antura app, leading to the release of version for Ukrainian refugees.

  • Contact point between the internal and external development teams as well as a dozen international language professionals.

  • Succeeding with tight timelines thanks to good communication and efficient work, from start to release in 3 months.

  • Available for free on Google Play and Apple App Store. More details on the project website.


Solo Developer
  • A publicly funded adventure game made in collaboration with over 100 people from my hometown who contributed voice-overs, art, music and stories.

  • The game’s story, comprised of 26 quest lines, reinvents local Acadian folklore. The story is backed by research thanks to a partnership with the local university and several guest writers, including former Parliamentary Poet Laureate Georgette LeBlanc.

  • Press coverage includes Le Monde, CBC and Radio-Canada. More information on the game's website.

Local Paper Small Town

Game Designer & Writer
  • Two-player co-op puzzle game for VR and physical newspaper, showcased at school and at Places VR festival.

  • Created as a mixed media semester project at the Cologne Game Lab in two months.

  • Concepting, prototyping, puzzle design, playtesting, writing and polishing newspaper texts.

  • Nominated for the Ubisoft Newcomer Award at the 2020 German Developer Awards.

  • Download for free on Steam, where the game has a Positive review average.

Silent Earth

Solo Developer
  • Sci-fi interactive fiction student project made during a semester dedicated to game writing and narrative design. Happy about the Positive Steam review average.

  • Play in your browser on or download for free on Steam.
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